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Research Data and Reproducibility

Your guide to research data services at OHSU.

NIH Requirements

The NIH has issued a new final policy for data management and sharing that goes into effect on January 25, 2023, replacing the data sharing policy issued in 2003. It will require NIH-funded researchers to prospectively submit a plan outlining how scientific data from their research will be managed and shared.

What's Changed?

  • All NIH grants will be required to have a 2-page maximum data management and sharing plan. Researchers will be expected to be clear about where they plan to share, notify the NIH if plans change, and follow the plan.
  • More data will be shared: not just data underlying publications, but also data that verifies results.
  • Data will be shared sooner. The preference is as soon as possible, but at the latest, sharing should occur with publication or at the end of the grant period, whichever comes first, which is a significant change from the previous policy.
  • Data will be shared in a repository, and the criteria for repositories are outlined in a supplement (linked below).
  • Researchers can request funding to support DMS activities, including pre-paying for long-term hosting of open data.
  • Sharing expectations are changing for data on people. NIH is looking to fine-tune the balance between sharing and privacy. Two mechanisms are mentioned explicitly: outlining sharing practices during informed consent and controlled data sharing, even for de-identified data.
  • Research on indigenous populations must respect Tribal sovereignty.

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