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Research Data and Reproducibility

Your guide to research data services at OHSU.

How can the OHSU Library help you with your data needs?

The OHSU Library provides various services to support research data and reproducibility needs, including 1:1 consultations, training and workshops, data analysis software, and books from our collections.

Need to talk to someone about your research data needs?  OHSU Librarians can provide advice regarding:

  • Research data management and planning
  • Interpreting data management and sharing policies
  • Selecting data standards to enhance the reusability of your research data
  • Identifying appropriate repositories for data deposit
  • Describing your research data to make it discoverable by other researchers
  • Finding and acquiring others' research data for reuse in your work
  • Citing data, software, and other nontraditional intellectual outputs

Training & Workshops


The Library provides both qualitative data and statistical software to OHSU members. Qualitative software is found on a reservable computer located on the 4th floor of the OHSU Llibrary at the BICC (the 24-hour space). Statistical software is available for install on OHSU members' computers and is also found on computers in both the BICC and the Learning Resources Center(LRC) at the RLSB.

From Our Collections