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Research Data and Reproducibility

Your guide to research data services at OHSU.

What is a data management and sharing plan?

A Data Management and Sharing Plan (abbreviated as DMP or DMS Plan) is a brief but essential component of a project and many grant applications. It outlines how you will collect, organize, manage, store, secure, backup, preserve, and share your research data.

In January 2023, all NIH researchers will be required to submit DMS plans. Learn more about the new requirements in our NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy Guide.

What goes in a data management and sharing plan?

Different funding agencies have different requirements for data management and sharing, but in general, they typically describe:

  • The data collected or generated during the research project
  • How the data will be documented
  • How the data will be organized, secured, and stored during the project
  • How the data will be shared
  • Where and how the data will be preserved and archived for long-term access
  • The roles and responsibilities for managing the data

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