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eBooks @ OHSU Library

General Information about eBooks at OHSU

The Oregon Health & Science University Library subscribes to a number of eBook collections and purchases individual eBook titles.  Remote/off-campus access to most of the resources in this guide is restricted to current OHSU students, faculty, and staff with a current OHSU network account.

If you would like to browse our eBooks take a look at some of the eBook collections that are available on the Interdisciplinary Collections or Subject Specific Collections tabs.

If you are looking for a particular eBook, enter the title, author or keywords to see if we have access to it.

Things to keep in mind about eBooks at OHSU

  • Not all books are available in eBook format.  
  • Most library eBook collections are presented in formats that are intended for viewing in a browser on a computer. See the Downloading eBooks tab for more information about printing, copying text, and downloading.  
  • Many of the eBooks and eBook collections that we subscribe to have restrictions on accessibility and use. These restrictions are often created by the owner of the content such as a publisher, author, or another party who maintains rights over the digital product. These conditions often determine who can access the eBook, how it can be accessed or used, or if it can be downloaded or printed.


Thanks to the Northwestern University Libraries for providing the template for this guide: