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Statement regarding harmful or offensive materials in historical collections

OHSU Historical Collections & Archives (HC&A) contains records that are historical in nature and products of the time and society in which they were created. Some materials within our collections, including the language used to describe them, may contain language or images that users find inappropriate, offensive, or harmful. OHSU does not endorse the views expressed in these materials, which are inconsistent with our commitment to creating an inclusive, open, accessible, and anti-racist learning community. Historical items have been retained as they originally existed to preserve the integrity of the historical record and to foster accountability for the actions and decisions of the records creator.

Statement regarding harmful or offensive language in oral history interviews

OHSU Library presents oral history interviews as part of the historical record. They are the personal recollections and opinions of the individuals involved and, therefore, may contain language, ideas or stereotypes that are offensive or harmful to others.

Individual oral histories cannot serve as the sole source of historical information about an institution or event. These narratives should not be interpreted as the official history of Oregon Health & Science University, nor do they represent the views of the institution, past or present.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding materials you've found in our online collections. Offensive description brought to our attention will be addressed and revised as soon as possible.