OHSU Digital Collections

Everything you need to know about submitting works to OHSU's institutional repository

What are the OHSU Digital Collections?

The OHSU Digital Collections are a showcase of the scholarship, research, and scientific data produced by the members of the OHSU community. It operates as an open-access repository of newly generated knowledge produced by the university and provides for the storage and dissemination of OHSU’s scholarly outputs in digital form. These items can serve as material for future research, a reference point for student projects, and a means of facilitating the open sharing of knowledge. Works include, but are not limited to, articles, interviews, theses, dissertations, portfolios, posters, presentations, and more.

Why should you submit your work?

Including your work in the OHSU Digital Collections enables you to build an online professional presence and you can share your work with potential audiences including: employers, collaborators, or the public. Each work also receives a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) so that others can easily cite you.