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OHSU Digital Collections

Everything you need to know about submitting works to OHSU's institutional repository

What are the OHSU Digital Collections?

Why should you submit your work?

Including your work in the OHSU Digital Collections enables you to build an online professional presence and you can share your work with potential audiences including: employers, collaborators, or the public.


What features are available in the OHSU Digital Collections?

  • ORCID iDs: Acts as a persistent digital identity that links you to your work, funding, and affiliations throughout your career - making it easier to track and acknowledge your academic accomplishments.
  • DOI Minting:  Each work receives a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) so that others can easily cite you.
  • Access control: Allows you to decide the access level of your work (Open, Restricted, or Embargo).
  • Version control: Facilitates the management of changes to your document over time, ensuring that you can track, review, and revert to previous versions as needed.
  • Sophisticated searching & filtering: Your work will automatically be organized according to school, department, academic program, and degree type at the moment your submission is accepted.


Where can examples of student work be found?

We often get requests for examples of student work. Here are collections for the most common requests we receive: