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Resources and Services for OHSU Students

Welcome and Using this Guide

Welcome, OHSU Students.  This guide will help you navigate the many resources and services available to you through the OHSU Library

As an OHSU member, you have no-cost access to articles, books, and databases owned by the Library and other institutions.  You can also schedule consultations to get assistance from library experts with literature searching, citation management, data management, publishing, and historical research.  Additionally, the Library provides access to technology-equipped collaborative spaces, equipment for innovation and creativity, as well as software for research and reference management. 

Using this guide:

  • The Library Resources section of this guide provides information about using the Library's collections, including borrowing materials, textbooks, and course reserves. 
  • The Services section describes and provides information for accessing the Library's consultative and technology services, including appointments with library experts and software. 
  • The Learning Opportunities section includes links to workshops, tutorials, and guides to support your learning and research.