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Measurement Instruments for Research, Education, and Clinical Practice

Measurement Instrument Review Databases

These resources licensed by OHSU Library describe and give the psychometrics of instruments as well as information on the populations in which they have been studied and how to gain permission to use them. Some contain the full text of instruments. [All links open in a new window]

Mental Measurements and Tests in Print  

This resource identifies commercially available assessment tests. Tests in Print provides a comprehensive bibliography of available tests, while Mental Measurements Yearbook provides reviews of tests. Not all tests listed in Test in Print will be covered in Mental Measurements Yearbook. Tests in Print does not include all known tests--the publishers intentionally omit research instruments that may not have been prepared for broader dissemination and proprietary instruments that will not be made available by their producers. 

There are several ways to search Tests in Print / Mental Measurements Yearbook: 

1. Search by test name and select the Test Name (TI Title field) in the pull-down menu.

2. Search by keywords. Consider whether to limit to a Test Category (SU field) such as alcohol and substance use or neuropsychological or speech and hearing. Note that there may be relevant tests that are not assigned to a test category.  In general, there are many more listings for vocations and personality tests than for clinical areas.

Example: I am looking for a Spanish-language substance use assessment measure. I search on the keyword "spanish" and limit to Test Category (SU field) alcohol and substance use. There is one result, it is for The Spanish Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory, which has two reviews. The second review mentions that you might want to compare this test with another test, Addiction Severity Index in Spanish. This test is not reviewed in the database. 

To learn more about using these reviews to select and use tests in clinical psychology and educational research, visit The Buros Center for Testing.

PsycTESTS from the American Psychological Association 

Provides access to psychological measures, scales, surveys, and other instruments for the behavioral and social sciences. This is cross-linked by digital object identifier (DOI) to the PsycINFO database covered under the Searching Literature Databases section of this guide

To see what tests are available full-text in the database, do a search and then check the Full Text checkbox which is the first item under Limit your Results on the left.  There are several ways to search PsycTests:

1. Search by test name and select the Test Name (TI Title field) in the pull-down menu.

2. Search by keywords. Consider whether to limit your search with one or more of the many limit options as you move down the screen to focus your search by Age Group, Instrument TypeLanguage, Permissions, etc..

3. Search by using limits alone. One of the limit options is the APA PsycTests Classification. You can combine limits without using keywords to retrieve a list of relevant tests. 

4. Combine these strategies. 

Example: I am looking for a Spanish-language alcohol use assessment measure for teenagers. I select the Language limit for Spanish and limit to PsycTests Classification: 5000 Addiction, Gambling, and Substance Abuse/Use. Most of the results are not about alcohol, so I add the keyword "alcohol" to my search.  I then limit to Age Group: Adolescence (13-17 years). Of the relevant tests I retrieve, one has a PDF in PsycTests and the other does not, but I look at both records to see about fees and permissions. The presence of the measure as a PDF does not mean that it is free to use--permissions are often required.

PsychiatryOnline - Emerging Measures from American Psychiatric Association Publishing

This collection of psychiatric resources below from American Psychiatric Association Publishing includes some online assessment measures:

For further clinical evaluation and research, the APA is offering a number of “emerging measures” in Section III of DSM–5. These patient assessment measures were developed to be administered at the initial patient interview and to monitor treatment progress, thus serving to advance the use of initial symptomatic status and patient reported outcome (PRO) information, as well as the use of “anchored” severity assessment instruments. Instructions, scoring information, and interpretation guidelines are included. (From the APA DSM-5 website)

Browse these instruments in Psychiatry Online below: