Diverse Images and Audiovisuals for Educating Health Professionals

Diverse images and audiovisuals guide


Diversity at OHSU includes age, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, diversity of thought, ideas, and more. However, photographs and other audiovisuals used for teaching health professions students often use young adult or middle age, white skin, cisgender men as the default.

This LibGuide is meant to help increase the use of diverse audiovisual materials used in teaching by providing open access and no-cost sites to OHSU educators. Some of the sites do provide additional guidelines for use. Teachers wishing to use a copyrighted site or a site with unknown copyright status may simply share a link with students to view on their own.

For more information about selecting and using diverse images, please watch our Diverse Images for Educating Health Professionals presentation.

For more information on usage guidelines, please see the Fair Use section of our Copyright LibGuide.

This LibGuide is a work in progress. If you have appropriate sites to share, please email them to Pam Pierce, piercepa@ohsu.edu.


American Indian Health & Services (Photo gallery)

CreateHER: Stock images featuring Black women (there is a freebies section)

Jopwell Collection: Stock photography featuring Black, Latino, and Native American professionals (free)

TONL: Culturally diverse stock photos (free photos are in the Take section)

Women of Color (WOC) in Tech (Photo gallery)

nappy (Photo gallery)

PICNOI (Photo gallery)

Gender, Gender Expression, Sexual Orientation

The Gender Spectrum Collection (Photo library)



Stanford Medicine Newborn Nursery (Photo gallery of normal and abnormal findings)

Clinical Signs in Skin of Color

Various Clinical Conditions  

Atlas of Black Skin (eBook)

Atlas of Dermatological Conditions in Populations of African Ancestry (eBook)

Dermatology Atlas for Skin of Color (eBook)

Black and Brown Skin website (Photo gallery of clinical signs)

Brownskin.net (Photos focusing on dermatology, including melasma and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation)

Brown Skin Matters (Crowdsourced photos focusing on dermatology)

OHSU Educational Use Photo Diversity Repository (Photos focusing on dermatology)

Pediatric Skin of Color (eBook)


Checking for Jaundice (Video assessing infants with jaundice of varying degrees of severity)

Respiratory Patterns in Various Disease Conditions

Accessory Muscle Use

Using Accessory Muscles of Respiration (Video of adult with COPD)

Cheyne-Stokes Breathing

Cheyne-Stokes Respiration IVideo of adult)

Kussmaul Breathing

Kussmaul Breathing in Diabetic Ketoacidosis (Video of 5-year-old boy)

Kussmaul Breathing Pattern (Video of 10-year-old boy with diabetic ketoacidosis)

Respiratory Distress

Respiratory Distress Signs (Video of infant)

Respiratory Distress Signs in Pediatrics (Video of three children, various ages, two with bronchopneumonia, one with heart disease)

Recognizing Respiratory Distress (Video focusing on infants)


Other Photo Galleries

Public Health Image Library (Photo library from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

MyBodyGallery (Photo gallery focused on body size and shape)

UC San Diego MedPics (Photo gallery of clinical conditions)

Plus Sized Stock Photos (Photo gallery focused on body size and shape)