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Library Resources for Teaching and Learning

Instruction and Assignment Design

Librarians are available to provide course-integrated and stand-alone instruction to introduce learners to the OHSU Library's resources and support the development of information and data literacy competencies. They can also offer support with assignment design and custom guides.


OHSU librarians and staff are available to address and support your learners through individual and small group consultations. Consultations can be encouraged and scheduled to facilitate the successful completion of assignments related to literature searching, data management, publishing, and historical research. If you plan to require or encourage students to meet with a librarian, please get in touch with the Library to plan this with us.

Rooms are equipped with technology for virtual appointments in the BICC Library and Graduate Learning Resource Center in the Robertson Life Sciences Building. OHSU faculty, students, and staff can use the form below to schedule an appointment with a librarian and other library experts.


The OHSU Library creates and curates tutorials to help students, faculty, and staff find information and use the resources the Library provides. Access the current collection of tutorials on the Library's website.

Do you have an idea for a new tutorial? Contact us to share your suggestions!


OHSU Library experts host workshops on searching the literature, research data management, reference management, scholarly communication, data science skills, zines, and more!  We partner with students, faculty, and staff to host workshops on demand.

Do you have an idea for a new workshop? Contact us to share your suggestions!


The OHSU Library publishes guides to support the use of Library resources, subject-specific learning, and the discovery of specialized information. For example, we have guides on the History of the Health Sciences, Library Resources Related to Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Medicine, and Diverse Images and Audiovisuals for Educating Health Professionals.

Explore the complete list of the Library's guides.