OHSU Library Unit Engagement Program

Program Description

The OHSU Library’s Unit Engagement Program supports the effective use of library expertise and resources by assigning a primary librarian contact to OHSU academic programs, residencies and fellowships, clinical departments, centers and institutes.  The primary contact librarians coordinate outreach to and the Library’s team-based support of OHSU units’ information needs to make sure our expertise and resources contribute to your success.

The OHSU Library Unit Engagement Program is meant to ensure consistent and centralized support, and it complements existing connections and collaborations between individuals and library staff.  We invite units to engage with their primary contact librarian, listed in this guide, and to let them know about opportunities to support your educational, research and clinical needs.

Please note, the primary librarian contact for the clinical departments and divisions listed in this guide is also the primary contact for a unit's clinical residencies and fellowship programs. If the primary contact for your unit is not listed or clear, please use the Library' s contact form or central email address and we will confirm the contact.

To ensure the most immediate and efficient response to individual requests and questions, we encourage students, faculty, and staff in all OHSU units to use the Library's contact form or central email address. These requests and questions, such as searching consultations, copyright questions, and data management needs, will be addressed by the first available librarian. The librarian addressing your request will coordinate with your primary contact librarian if their specific unit knowledge would be helpful.