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Journal Articles with Photographs of Visible Diseases and Conditions in People with Skin of Various Colors

Ulcer, Diabetic

Kavitha, K. V., Tiwari, S., Purandare, V. B., Khedkar, S., Bhosale, S. S., & Unnikrishnan, A. G. (2014). Choice of wound care in diabetic foot ulcer: A practical approach. World Journal of Diabetes, 5(4), 546-556. DOI: 10.4239/wjd.v5.i4.546

Ousey, K., Chadwick, P., Jawien, A., Tariq, G., Nair, H.K.R., Lázaro-Martínez, J.L., Sandy-Hodgetts, K., Alves, P., Wu, S., Moore, Z. (2018). Identifying and treating foot ulcers in patients with diabetes: saving feet, legs and lives. Journal of Wound Care, 27(5 Supplement Consensus Document 5b). DOI: 10.12968/jowc.2018.27.Sup5.S1