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Journal Articles with Photographs of Visible Diseases and Conditions in People with Skin of Various Colors

Overview of the OHSU Educational Use Photo Diversity Repository

The photos that teachers show in class should represent the patients we serve and the diversity of our students and clinicians. The OHSU Educational Use Photo Diversity Repository arose from an identified need for teachers of health professions students to help their students visualize pathophysiological conditions in diverse populations. The Repository is a separate collection in OHSU Library’s existing secure Digital Asset Management System (DAM) that contains diverse digital images for educational use. 

This digital image collection begins to provide teachers of health professions students access to the photographs they need so that their students can learn to recognize various pathophysiological conditions in skin of various colors, increase their awareness of issues related to health and diversity, and prepare them for more effective clinical work with their future patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I gain access to the photos in the OHSU Educational Use Photo Diversity Repository?

We welcome all  OHSU faculty and clinicians who want to use these photos for educational purposes to contact Pamela Pierce ( to create a free account to use the OHSU Educational Use Photo Diversity Repository. Pam also will provide instructions for searching the Repository.

2. What is the source of these photos? In what ways can I use them? 

We were able to obtain permission to store these images in our photo diversity repository from colleagues at OHSU who had slide collections they had created for teaching and research. We searched through hundreds of images to find images with people of color because those are the photos that are most difficult for faculty to find. If you are OHSU faculty or clinician, you have permission to use these photos for educational use only. Please do not transmit them outside of OHSU or use them for marketing or commercial purposes.

3. How can I contribute my own photos? 

If you have photos you would like to contribute, please contact Pamela Pierce at The more photos are contributed, the more valuable this resource will be!