Resources for Oregon-licensed Health Providers

Directory of resources available to health professionals licensed to practice in Oregon and not otherwise affiliated with OHSU.

Access to OHSU resources

Oregon-licensed health providers (without OHSU affiliation) have access to a number of resources from the National Library of Medicine and other sources, and to some OHSU library resources. Access varies depending on licensure (see details below), and some resources require users have an OHSU Library barcode, which can be requested here.

OHSU Library resources available to all Oregon-licensed health providers

Freely available resources from the National Library of Medicine and others

National Library of Medicine resources

  • PubMed (MEDLINE)

Provides access to the MEDLINE database of references and abstracts on medicine, nursing, dentistry and pre-clinical sciences. Links to full-text articles when available.

  • Oregon-licensed MDs and DOs can obtain free full-text of articles indexed in PubMed MEDLINE using the Reprints Desk service. In order to use the Reprints Desk service, you must first request an OHSU Library barcode.
  • Other Oregon-licensed health providers can request full-text of articles for a fee using the National Library of Medicine's Loansome Doc service. You can learn more about Loansome Doc here.


Other resources