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This is the OHSU version of the Oregon MPH (Master of Public Health) program LibGuide, created by Emily Ford (PSU) and Laura Zeigen (OHSU)

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Laura Zeigen
Subjects:Public Health

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This research guide was developed for use by students in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health.

To use this guide, navigate by using the grey tabs on the top of this page, or use the links below.

Library Specific Access - The nuts and bolts of what you need to know about using the libraries and computing in the libraries.

How to Use Library Resources - Find out how to find books, articles, and learn how to efficiently use databases.

Data Sources, Databases & Articles - Find links to the most popular public health disciplinary databases at both OHSU and PSU. Also find links to library subscribed and free data sources on the web. 

Citation Management - Find resources that will help you properly cite your work, and also manage the citations and articles you have found in the course of your research.

Topics in Public Health - Find the best places to expand your research on topical areas in the discipline of public health.