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Systematic Reviews

All about systematic reviews: what they are, their history, types, how to read them, how to conduct them, and how to get help with them from the library.

Guide Authors

Laura Zeigen provided the outline for this guide, many of the links and references, and served as project manager and editor for the guide's production.

Andrew Hamilton authored the What Are Systematic Reviews? text, the content of the table comparing systematic reviews to narrative/literature reviews, the descriptive text about the various types of reviews, the entire content of the History of Systematic Reviews and Conducting Systematic Reviews pages, and the text explaining the role of librarians in systematic reviews.

Marijane White designed the structure and layout of the guide and its content, edited the content for readability, and sourced many of the links.

Link descriptions are sourced from the about pages or abstracts of the links themselves.


The following guides informed the development of this guide.