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Open Educational Resources Guide

Getting Started with OERs

While many instructors may be looking for OER textbooks, the tools described below will allow you to find many different kinds of materials that can be used in your courses. Examples include articles, images, curriculum plans, and videos, to name a few. The following resources are intended as a jumping off point to begin exploring the OER universe in the health sciences. For more help locating OERs contact the OHSU library, or schedule a meeting with one of our librarians.

OER Repositories and Examples

The following is a brief list of recommended OER Repositories. These are places where you can begin to look for OER resources relevant to your instruction. The example images are from eBooks that are discoverable through the respective repositories. For some great starter examples of individual titles and tools, explore this well curated list from the Miami Dade College OER library guide, which allows you to filter by educational program.