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Evidence-Based Practice Toolkit for Nursing

Created in collaboration with the OHSU Clinical Inquiry Council

EBP Projects at OHSU and the VA

OHSU Fellowships in Evidence-Based Practice

In 2010, the idea to create a structured approach for selected direct-care nurses to have a questions answered by evidence based practice was born. Debi Eldredge RN, PhD Director of Quality, Magnet and Research worked with the Research Council to develop the curriculum, and based many ideas on the successful program already in place at UCSF. OHSU Hospital funds the hours necessary for the nurses to participate in the fellowships. Two application cycles have now been completed  (2010 & 2011).  

The empowerment of nurses to use research and evidence-based practice is a integral goal of the Research Council, as well as an important aspect of a Magnet designated organization.

The goals of the Nursing Fellowship in Evidence-Based Practice are to:

  • Mentor direct care nurses in how to apply the skills of research utilization, problem identification, change management, and solution testing to promote the adoption of evidence based practice.
  • Stimulate innovative thinking regarding practices that are efficient and effective in improving patient outcomes.
  • Foster professional growth and development of direct care nurses to facilitate recruitment and retention at OHSU Hospitals and Clinics.
  • Identify practice-related issues and develop improvement strategies to enhance care delivery.


Direct-care nurses submit applications each fall. Six to nine fellows are selected bythe Research Council to promote diversity of ideas and nursing settings. Care is take to select fellows from adult and pediatric nurse settings. Fellows participate with their coaches in 6 workshops over 5 months, moving through a curriculum that addresses:

  • Defining a research question/practice problem
  • Finding, appraising and synthesizing related evidence in the literature
  • CAP: the Change Acceleration Process
  • Small Tests of Change
  • Assessing and engaging stakeholders
  • Strategies for adopting innovation and evaluating impact.

The fellowship concludes with project presentations.