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Digital Assets Management (DAM) System

Guide for OHSU Library's DAM System

What is the Digital Assets Management (DAM) System?

The Library oversees the Digital Assets Management System. This library technology is a secure and centralized system that allows OHSU community members to securely manage and share their digital photos, videos, audio, and graphics with others DAM users.

You can use the DAM to manage your digital assets by:

  • Uploading digital files formats like mp3, wav, mp4, mov, avi, jpg, and tiff
  • Describing content by tagging with keywords, adding captions, and other important information
  • Searching for digital assets with basic and advance controls
  • Tracking digital assets with compliance requirements
  • Tracking digital asset usage like who downloaded a file
  • Adding general or specific usage rights agreement terms
  • Controlling organizational unit to unit digital asset access permissions
  • Identifying specific user access profiles within a user group
  • Securely transfer digital assets to Library's Historical Collections and Archives

How do I get access?

To request access to the DAM, please fill out a DAM Account Request form at the link below. Anyone granted access to the DAM will receive a link to a training video within their confirmation email. However, we are happy to provide a virtual training session upon request. If you need to get in touch with the DAM Administrator for your department, please see the list of contacts below:

  • Library: Jessi Gorton -
  • Marketing and Communications: Claudine Slater -
  • OHSU Foundation: Cecily Williams -
  • OPEx: Alison Lord -

What do I need to know about accessing the DAM?

  1. The system only works with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
  2. You need to be on an OHSU Secure network to access the system. If off-site then you need OHSU VPN access.
  3. The DAM web address is
  4. The DAM is not a peer to peer sharing system. It is an organizational unit to unit sharing environment
  5. All DAM users must abide by OHSU's policies and records management schedules. They are located on O2 for reference.

DAM Reference Guides