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Using and Accessing Primary Sources

About us

Historical Collections & Archives (HC&A) is home to OHSU's collections of rare books, archives, manuscripts, and artifacts. Serving both the OHSU community and the general public, HC&A supports education and research using these unique collections. We provide a full range of public services to support access to our collections. We also promote diverse and engaging perspectives on the history of health sciences through our exhibits, events, and the OHSU Oral History Program.

Our collections are available for research by appointment, which you can request online. We schedule research visits by appointment between 8:30am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday, depending on availability. Accessing HC&A spaces physically is rather limited, but we offer a variety of virtual services to assist you in accessing materials at OHSU or through other institutions.

Peter Falk and Kermit the Frog sit on a park bench. Falk opens a trench coat to reveal a lot of watches. Over Falk: "Archives and special collections" Over Kermit: "people starting historical research" Over the watches: "Primary sources and historical evidence*" Note in bottom left: "*the good stuff, not the counterfeit kind”

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