Requesting Available Items During COVID-19 Modified Operations

Step by step instructions for requesting available materials at OHSU Library.


CAMPUS MAIL DELIVERY:  Must provide active campus mail code.

CURBSIDE PICKUP: An email will be sent to you to select a curbside pickup time once we have retrieved the physical item.

Steps to Request OHSU Materials


  1. Go to the library catalog by clicking on Library Search in the blue ribbon on the main page or navigate using the URL

  2. Search for your desired item. (Please note you will be unable to request physical items through the Summit NW Academic Library service, but eBooks provided through consortia will still be available). Items physically available will say "Available at OHSU Library." Clicking on this green hyperlink will open the extended display.

  3. Click the "Sign in" button to request a physical copy. Choose your correct access type. If you have a network account use the top option. If you have any issues, please contact the library.

  4. Click the Request OHSU's copy button. If you have access to Campus Mail choose that option and type your Campus Mail Code in the comment section. Otherwise choose "OHSU Library" and click request. (Please note that occasionally there is a glitch that requires you to enter this information in twice)

  5. If you select "OHSU Library," once we retrieve the requested item you will receive the Item Ready for Pickup Scheduling email, which has a URL to schedule your requested time. Scroll to find the available times in green and then submit your requested time. You may have to scroll down the page to see the submit option.  You will then receive further instructions once your selected time is confirmed.  If you have requested more than one item, you only need to schedule one pickup time.