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Using the 4th Floor Scanner

BICC Library

Using VueScan

  1. First, make sure that the scanner is turned on, as indicated by the blue lit power button.

Images of scanner power button in on and off modes

  1. Next, place the item you wish to scan face down on the scanner bed glass. Please note, the arrow on the scanner indicates where scanning begins on the page.

screenshot of scanner area arrow

  1. From the Taskbar search box, type in VueScan and click to launch.

Screenshot of launching VueScan app

  1. Next, go to the Input Tab and under Options choose Professional.

screenshot of Input tab options

  1. In the Input Tab, ensure that the following settings have been selected.
    •     The Task field is set to Scan to File
    •     The Media field is set to Auto
    •     Media Size is set to 8.5x11

Screenshot of scan options fields

  1. Your document will default to saving to your H:drive with the file name YYYY-MM-DD-0001+.pdf.

screenshot of default saving options

  1. In the Crop Tab, check that the Crop Size and Preview Area are set to Maximum before scanning.

screenshot of crop size and preview area fields

  1. When you are finished checking your defaults, select Preview. You should see the first page of your scanned document appear in the viewer window. From here you can adjust the cropped area as needed.

Screenshot of adjusting cropped area

  1. Once the cropping area has been reviewed, press Scan to capture the first page.
  2. Continue to press Scan+ until all pages in the document have been scanned.
  3. When scanning is complete, simply close out the program. Your document will be automatically saved to your H:drive in the Images folder.
  4. If you have any questions, please see the library service desk on the 3rd floor or Contact Us