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OHSU Evidence-Based Practice Course for Interprofessional Clinical Teams

Lecture 1: Agenda

Session date: Thursday, March 20, 2019

Location: DCH Vey Auditorium


  • Course Overview
  • Creating a Vision for Evidence-based Practice
  • Identifying Stakeholders
  • Asking the Right Questions

Session 1: Assignment

Task 1: Please read the following article:

Task 2: Please review the "Types of Questions" and "How to Phrase Your PICO" template in the right column of this webpage.

  • Identify and contact stakeholders (see Stakeholder Sign-off Form and Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet)
  • Complete PICO Worksheet

Session 1: Lecture Slides

Session 1 Lecture Recording


PICO(TT) is a tool used to describe elements of a good clinical foreground question. PICO helps you:

  1. clearly identify the problem, interventions, and measurable outcomes related to your patient
  2. determine which keywords to use in your database search
  3. formulate a searchable clinical foreground question

Type of Clinical Questions

Once you determine your PICO elements, identify what type of question you have.

How to Phrase your PICO

Once you identify your type of question, enter your PICO elements into the appropriate template in order to properly phrase your clinical question.