Archival Processing: Importing to ArchivesSpace (Harvard Plugin)

Importing the EAD code

  1. Complete the Bulk Import spreadsheet template and save your file.
  2. In ArchivesSpace, navigate to the Resource Record that you will import the data into.
  3. Click Edit, and the "Load via Spreadsheet" option will appear above the inventory list.
  4. Click on the level of the inventory where records will be imported to and then click "Load via Spreadsheet."
  5. Choose "+ Select File", chose the file you just saved, and click "Import from Spreadsheet"
  6. Wait patiently while the data is imported.
  7. Once complete, a message will pop-up stating "The file has been processed." Click Close.
    • If instead you receive an Error message in the pop-up, consult with the University Archivist. 
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the list of imported records and choose Close.
  9. The records should now be in the Resource Record.

Tutorial video