Computer Use in the Library

OHSU Library Computer & Technology Usage Guidelines

Users are responsible for following OHSU’s policy on the Acceptable Use of Computing and Telecommunications Resources while using the Library’s computers.  Modification of Library hardware or software, including desktop reconfiguration, is prohibited.   


OHSU-Affiliated Users
The OHSU Library provides networked computers and lends technology to OHSU-affiliated users with OHSU network credentials to access resources in support of the healthcare, education, research and clinical care missions of the University.  If you have OHSU network credentials, you may use any computer in the library except those designated for guest users. New OHSU employees may also use the guest computers to complete their online training.


Printing for OHSU-affiliates is available using a GoPrint account; please see the Library’s Computing Services page for more information.


The OHSU Library provides software for download and on computers for OHSU-affiliated users located in the BICC and the Learning Resources Center in the RLSB.  A list of available software can be found on the Software page of the Library’s website.  If you have questions about the software provided on Library computers, or would like to suggest a purchase, please contact us via the Contact the Library link on our website, by email ( or phone (503-494-3460). 


Guest Computer Users
The OHSU Library provides public access to health information and related resources. Please ask at the Library Service Desk if you need help finding information or using a Guest Computer.

  • Use by visiting healthcare professionals and people conducting health science or patient-related research is the priority.   If you are using  computers for reasons other than health research, you may be asked to give up your computer for another person who is waiting.
  • If people are waiting, your use may be limited to a 60-minute session.
  • Library users must respect the rights of others and observe all applicable state and federal laws, the University Code of Conduct, and the Library’s Rules of Conduct.
  • Guests who fail to comply with these guidelines may be prohibited from accessing the Guest Computers and/or the OHSU Library.

Library users are advised to evaluate the usefulness, validity, and reliability of material found on the Internet. OHSU Library does not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information disclosed at or accessed through Library resources.


Printing for guests is available and may be paid for and picked up at the Library’s Service Desk; please see the Library’s Computing Services page for more information.  

Prevent Loss of Your Documents

We DO NOT recommend storing your files on the computer, even temporarily.

We DO recommend the following ways of creating and storing your documents on:


Log into an OHSU Windows PC

Log into an OHSU Windows PC - ITG Service Help and How-To - Wiki



OHSU-owned computers are secured with encryption software to protect them against unauthorized access and data theft. When you turn on these computers, you will encounter a Windows login screen (you may encounter a Symantec Encryption Desktop screen on some Windows computers).


Login to Windows Desktop

On OHSU Windows 10 standard login computers, you will encounter a dark blue Windows login prompt when you start the computer.

  1. In the User Name field, enter your OHSU network ID.
  2. In the Password field, enter your network password.  (Passwords are case-sensitive)
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard. A Welcome screen appears.
  4. After few moments, your computer will load the OHSU Windows 10 desktop.
  5. If you encounter issues logging into an OHSU computer, please call the ITG Service Desk at 503-494-2222 for assistance.

Join a Webex Meeting

Join a Webex Meeting - ITG Service Help and How-To - Wiki (

Before you start

  • You must have a working OHSU network account.
  • Your device must be connected to the internet.


  1. Open the meeting invite in Outlook or other email program.
  2. Press the Join Meeting link.
  3. At the Webex meeting launch screen, press the audio option pull-down menu.

    Note: If you do not have the Webex Meetings app installed on your computer, use Chrome or Firefox web browser to join the meeting.

  4. Select your Webex meeting's audio setting as follows:
    • With a computer headset: Use computer for audio or

    • With your phone for audio: Call me at [phone number]. (Enter your phone number in the text field).
  5. Next, press the camera button to toggle your webcam on or off.

    Webex launch screen, video (camera) button selected.
  6. Select Join Meeting to enter the Webex meeting.
  7. When the meeting is over, disconnect from the meeting.
    • Note: For more information about the Webex system, refer to the How It Works: Webex article.