OHSU Authored Articles

A list of articles with OHSU authors from PubMed and Scopus. It is updated monthly.

OHSU Articles

This is a monthly list of articles written by OHSU faculty, staff, and students.  They are collected from the PubMed and Scopus databases. The databases are searched by OHSU affiliation and not by individual author names.  

Articles are included in the folder of the month they first appear, either in print or electronically ahead of print.  An article that is published in print in July, may be in an earlier folder if it came out earlier as e-pub ahead of print.

Retrieving a specific group of articles


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Articles Indexed in 2014

This document lists the steps you take to retrieve a selected group of articles from the larger group.  You may want to use this to select your articles or your department's articles. 

If you have problems with these instructions, please send a message to Andrew Hamilton.

Articles Indexed in 2013

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