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Finding Gray Literature: Home

Need Help?

Please feel free to contact a Reference Librarian at any time and during any stage of your research process.  We can help you brainstorm ideas, figure out search strategies, put together bibliographies, the works! 

Please call the Reference Desk at 503-494-3462 or email with your question.

Gray Literature - What's Included

It's fairly easy to find books and journal articles.  OHSU has access to many, many databases that help lead us to them.  But how do we find unpublished reports, white papers, preprints, meeting minutes, conference papers and presentations?  These documents fit the definition of "gray literature," the body of documents that are not indexed by databases and can be very hard to find. 

We've put together a list of links that lead directly to grey literature.  Many of the websites come from the government.  We've also included a few guides that give definitions of gray literature and help explain how to find it.

Subject Guide