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Moving from RefWorks to EndNote

OHSU students, faculty and staff currently using RefWorks can transfer their citation management files to EndNote. Currently and throughout 2016, both RefWorks and EndNote are supported citation management systems. However, support for RefWorks will cease at the beginning of 2017.

Situation A. If you have a RefWorks account and DO NOT have folders you want to preserve in EndNote:

1. In RefWorks, go to the References tab and click the All in List button. This will export all the references in your RefWorks account into one file.

2. On the right side of the page, in the Quick Access box, select Export.

3. In the Select an Export Format drop-down box, choose Bibliographic Software and click Export References.

4. A new browser window will open with each reference in a tagged format. Right-click on the browser window and choose Save As (or Save Page As, depending on your browser) and save the exported file on your desktop as a .txt file.

5. Open the destination EndNote library, or open EndNote and create a new library where the RefWorks file can be saved.

6. In EndNote, go to File>Import.

7. Locate the .txt file you just saved in Step 4 and select the Reference Manager RIS Import Option (Mac users will select the RefMan RIS Import Option). Click Import and the references will be added to your EndNote Library.

Situation B. If you have Folders in RefWorks that you want to maintain in EndNote, you can preserve the contents of each Folder using the Groups function in EndNote.

The basic steps for moving your folders from RefWorks to EndNote are the same as those described above, but instead of moving all of your references at once, you will export your folders from RefWorks and add them to EndNote one at a time. Each newly imported file can then be sorted into a Group in EndNote, which will function like a Folder in RefWorks.

1. In RefWorks, navigate to the Folder you wish to export and click the All In List button.

2. Follow steps 2-5 in Situation A, above. When you save the .txt file, it may be useful to rename it with the RefWorks Folder name.

3. In EndNote, go to Groups>Create New Group.

4. A New Group box will appear in the My Groups section on the left. Rename this Group as desired; you may want to use the corresponding Folder name from RefWorks.

5. Follow steps 6-7, above.

6. The references from your folder will appear in Imported References. Go to Imported References, select all, and drag them to the Group you just created. 

7. Repeat the same process as needed for other RefWorks Folders.

Moving from other citation management systems to EndNote

Users of freely available citation management programs, such as Mendeley or Zotero, may wish to consider converting to EndNote. Barnard College has a nice chart that compares EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero. Note that the OHSU Library only provides support for EndNote at this time.

For users wishing to convert from Mendeley or Zotero to EndNote, here are some links to help with that process:

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