NIH Public Access Policy: Library Services

Information and Resources on the NIH Public Access Policy

How Can We Help?

The OHSU Library provides resources and services to assist OHSU authors with meeting the NIH Public Access Policy requirements.  Our goal is to make compliance clear and easy.  The services we offer include:

Compliance Guidance and Evaluation


Publication Agreement Review & Consultation



Compliance Guidance and Evaluation

The OHSU Library will help you identify manuscripts subject to the NIH Public Access Policy, demonstrate compliance, and resolve non-compliance issues.  We can:


  • Determine if a specific manuscript is subject to the Policy and how it should be submitted to PubMed Central.
  • Review the citations in your NIH application, proposal, or report.
  • Assist you with reviewing and updating your My NCBI citations.
  • Evaluate the rate of compliance for your grant, lab, or department and build improvement plans



We will visit labs and departments to discuss the NIH Public Access Policy. To schedule a presentation, please contact Robin Champieux, Scholarly Communication Librarian.  


Publication Agreement Review and Consultation

Before signing, NIH funded authors must verify that their publication agreements allow for papers to be posted in PubMed Central in accordance with the NIH Public Access Policy.  The OHSU Library can review agreements for compliance eligibility and provide addendum language for retaining necessary rights.


Authors who exercise the option to submit a manuscript to PubMed Central (Method C) must verify that their publication agreement allows them to do so.  Authors should also be aware of any stipulations that the journal requires, such as when the article can be made publicly accessible.  This information is usually listed in the publisher copyright agreement.  The OHSU Library can assist you with finding and interpreting this information, and communicating with publishers.




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