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Submitting Your Manuscript to PMC

Occasionally, an author will need to submit or assign a delegate to submit a final peer-reviewed manuscript to PMC via the NIH Manuscript Submission System (NIHMS). 

Authors who exercise the option to self-submit must retain the right to do so.  You should confirm that the publisher will:

♦ Allow you to submit the final peer-reviewed manuscript upon acceptance of publication.

♦ Allow the final peer-reviewed manuscript to be publicly available no later than 12 months after the date of publication.

Review any stipulations the journal requires, such as when the article can be made publicly accessible.  This information is usually listed in the publisher's copyright agreement.  If this information isn't available or is unclear, seek clarification from the publisher.  The OHSU Library can assist you with finding this information and communicating with publishers.

The submission process can be completed within a few minutes.

Let's Begin....


Submitting a Manuscript

1.  Log into the NIH Manuscript Submission System.

2.  Choose "Submit New Manuscript".  Review the submission overview and choose "Continue".

3.  Enter the journal name and article title.

4.  Enter the grant support information.

You can add a grant by the grant number or via the grantees first and last name.  Repeat this step for all associated grants.



5.  Upload the manuscript files. 

You should include all files that make up the manuscript.  This includes, but is not limited to, the main text, figures, tables, appendices, and supplementary files. 

6.  Review the manuscript summary, choose "Next: PDF Approval".

7.  Review and approve the PDF submission.

You must designate a reviewer for the submission.  The reviewer must be an author of the manuscript.  The reviewer will also be responsible for approving the Web version of the manuscript.  

You must also designate a release date for the article to PubMed Central.  Choose the publisher's designated embargo period.  Refer to the publisher's copyright agreement for this information. 

Review and approve the PDF.

If you are submitting on behalf of the author, your work is done.  The designated reviewer will receive an email notification to complete the submission and must finish the steps below.  We advise that you alert the reviewing author. 

If you are the author, continue with the steps below.

8.  Review and approve the submission statement.

9.  Review and approve the Web (PMC-ready) version of your article.

You will receive an email notification from the NIHMS when the web version of your article is ready for review.  If you have not received an email notification from the NIHMS, check your spam filter. 

From the email, log into the NIHMS.

Review the web version of your manuscript.  You can request corrections or approve.  If you need to make corrections, follow the NIHMS directions carefully.  If you approve the manuscript, you are now done.  Your article will be posted to PubMed Central within 12 months of publication.


What You Need to Submit

Before starting the submission process, ready the following information and materials:

♦ Title of the journal and manuscript

♦ Final peer-reviewed version of the manuscript

♦ Supplemental materials and graphics associated with the manuscript

♦ Grant numbers or names of PIs (full alpha numeric number)

♦ Copyright agreement information for following the publishers requirements.


Need Assistance?

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